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From the Butcher: May 30th

From the Butcher: May 30th

30 May, 2014



Arriving this early PM – wild caught, Alaska salmon.

Will be demoing this Sat – grass fed patties, BBQ ribs, and Eckrich sausage. This is the same sausage that my Dad and Mom sold 47 years ago. It is great tasting and is “tops” served at breakfast. Golly – where did the time go?

A little about grass fed stuff. In stock – these patties are 100% grass fed. Made from red or black angus. These animals roam the pastures in the state of Washington. There – unlike Indiana – they munch on grass year round. $6.29 lb. Have hot dogs too.

Have a little Elk product remaining – patties and NY strip. Last week elk, venison, bison, summer sausage arrived. Think I have jerky too.

Memorial week end was a super hugh success! On Sat. – I had 351 cash register totals. I am always amazed that my front door stays on its hinges. It is through your support that my little business is a success. Many – many thanks!

T-bones this week are $8.99lb. That is a buy. You know – buying by the quarter or side – is foolish (unless you raise your own). Just watch the sales and stock up on sale items – meat that you eat. It is already trimmed with no loss. You are buying actual eating meat. One week buy steak – the next time buy roasts, and so on.

Thanks for shopping my little store.

~ Ron Lahody


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