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2nd Annual Box Meat Sale

2nd Annual Box Meat Sale

02 December, 2016


After lots of calls for another boxed meat sale – Here it is! I had lots of requests for some beef items – so I added a few. Each “special” – price is based on volume purchasing- thus the price. Lots of these items go well with the up coming holidays. Order by Dec. 18th and pick up on Dec. 21st. And – Lots of these items go well with your special dinner or for breakfast for all the stay-over-families. Ex: bacon is dirt cheap, so is eggs, so is chix. breasts – etc. etc.


Come in the store or call us at (765) 216-7240

We also – will be baking turkeys – just call your order in – need 3 day lead time. Need a prime rib? Need a rump roast? Or – how about a pork crown roast? How about a Tur duc hen? I have so many great specials – and so many related items to go with your meals or parties – crackers, mustard’s, St. Elmo’s cocktail sauce, marinades, root beer, etc. etc.

FISH – Have lots of shrimp – cooked or raw. Have raw shrimp for those who like “big” shrimp – 6 to the lb! My favorite – oysters-in-the-shell. These oysters come from Chesapeake Bay area – so they are not salty. These are the same oysters that the “Oyster Shack” in Ft. Wayne uses – big and juicy. Have lobster tails med. to lg. And – king crab from the Bering Strait.

Need a party ham – think Boars Head! These are the highest quality hams that you can buy!!! Serve with their “ham glaze” – and WOW – this will knock your socks off! – So good. Or a B/H party tray? Just call.

Employers – Want to treat your employees to something special this holiday? We have lots of hams to choose from. Just call.

Also – don’t forget that we have gift cards!

Thanks for shopping my little store!!

Ron Lahody
(765) 216-7240

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