About Lahody Meats

The year was 1965. My Mom & Dad decided 18 years in a dairy farm was enough. Dad was 61 and Mom was 64 when they decided to quit the dairy business and go into their next business. In October 1965 Mom and Dad bought a slaughter house and retail meat and grocery business. The owned and operated Lahody Meats until they retired in 1980.

During their reign of 15 years, I (Ron Lahody) completed a tour of duty in the US Marine Corps and graduated from Ball State University. I learned how to slaughter animals, break down carcasses of meat, and cut meat for retail and wholesale. I worked for the family business for 10 years and in the industry for another 6 years.

My last meat industry job was the greatest. I was asked to start Alaska’s 1st USDA slaughterhouse. It was government funded and sponsored by an Anchorage businessman. In all, I worked in Alaska for almost three years. I returned home to Muncie in 1986. Not knowing what I wanted to do, the suggestion was made that I should go into the ‘home remodeling’ business. You know, if you have ‘manual dexterity’ you can do anything. So, for the last 22 years I have worked in the home remodeling business.

It was late in December of 2008 when I decided to do something different. I have always loved the meat business. Coincidentally, some of my rental space became available and I decided to get into the meat business again.

It all came together within 3 months and I opened Lahody Meats on April 2, 2009. I specialize in choice/prime retail meat and cheeses. These products are sold with some grocery and produce items.

It has been wonderful getting back into my own meat business. Looking back, I now realize why I entered the meat retail business. I enjoy the one-on-one. I enjoy seeing satisfied clients, especially when they return to purchase again and tell me how much they enjoyed the steak!

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